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Honda Fit Hybrid Car Review

Honda has made its presence felt in the Auto industry in many ways. At a time when auto technologies focus on the production of Hybrid cars, this giant vehicle manufacturer hasn’t been left behind either. It has been close to a decade since Honda released its Fit hatchback, and its frugal fuel economy has always been its standout feature.

Sports Hybrid i-DCD System

The i-DCD system is an intelligent dual clutch system. This system is the reason why the Honda fit hybrid car is known for superior acceleration. The lithium-ion battery that is more compact can provide 1.5 times more electricity than a standard battery. Another good thing about the engine technology in the hybrid system is that it delivers close to 135 horsepower, which is equivalent to what a standard 1.8 liter-engine can provide.


One standout feature that makes the Fit comfortable is its short wheelbase and its simple suspension system, with some bolsters to provide excellent lateral support. When looking the seat comfort, the seat gives to a decent adjustability range with plenty of leg space, which makes the care reasonably comfortable even for longer trips.


The superior interior design is another hallmark feature of the Honda Fit Hybrid car. Its configurable rear seat offers a genuinely versatile cabin, and the legroom offered is undoubtedly impressive. Thanks to its small and well-throughout packaging, the Fit is very spacious. However, passengers that are over 6-feet tall can find the headroom somehow limiting considering that they have to lean forward.


Honda car on a highwayFor a car of its size, the Fit can also be a handy car. The customizable seats allow for multiple arrangements, which implies that the Fit can handle quite a number of Jobs. The back seat allows for various loading options, considering that the set’s bottom can flip up to accommodate longer items. If you need to install a child safety seat, the latch points and generous space will make it easy to install a child seat.

It is clear that that the Honda Fit Hybrid measures reasonably well compared to other hybrid vehicles. With a superior trim level, this measures up relatively well into Honda’s Fit line-up.…

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